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ProDev Funds FAQ

Process at a Glance

  1. Read through this guide for important information on criteria and details on the funds

  2. Deadlines for review periods: The last business day of the month (October to April)

  3. Submit an application through the Student Affairs Professional Development Funds Form

  4. Supervisor approval requested

  5. Student Affairs executive team review

  6. Final approval by Professional Development Team (Compliance Review)

  7. Notification to applicant

  8. If approved, a Student Affairs Business Operations case/ticket will be created on behalf of the applicant for the appropriate transaction (i.e. conference registration, travel request, book purchase)

Application Tips

  • Be clear on how the opportunity you are selecting aligns with your career or professional development goal(s).

  • Check if your department has specific professional development guidelines that could impact your application(s).

  • If you don’t have career or professional goals already developed, use the Employee Guide to help you write them in partnership with your supervisor.

  • Before submitting your application, discuss with your supervisor and be sure they are approving the request, as this is part of the approval process.

  • Plan ahead! Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis but the process from submittal to notification can take 8 to 10 weeks.

  • If your request is for more than $1,000, be ready to tell the committee how the additional expenses will be covered.


Fund Amount
Expenses and Reimbursements


Per California State Law, (AB 1887), state funded travel is restricted to various states due to discriminatory laws. While ProDev funds are not state funds, the SA ProDev Committee is highly discouraging travel to the states listed to align with the spirit of the law. We encourage staff to look for other opportunities that could meet their goal(s). If this is not possible, please provide as much information and context as possible within the application. You can get more information and list of states on the State of California page on AB 1887.