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Phone, Fleet, & Equipment Support

  • Cell Phone/Cellular Support

    Beginning in 2019, the Operations Team now manages all cellular plan, hardware, and support for Student Affairs. Here you can review pricing and place orders for new phones/ hotspots / tablets, change service, and cancel.

  • Copier & Printer Support

    Receive assistance for new and existing equipment regarding purchase, disposal, repairs or replacement of consumables. In accordance with policy, a strategic relationship with UCSF created a shared printer concept reducing the amount of printers, simplifying service and maintenance while reducing department costs. Does your printer have a UCSF sticker? If not, place a request to learn more!

  • Fleet Management

    Student Affairs owned vehicle related matters including the sourcing of parking permits and vehicle driver registration for one-time or ongoing monitoring DMV records

  • Landline/Voicemail Support

    Select when needing to add, modify, or eliminate your landline phone or service. Beginning in 2019, new policy established the use of cellular in lieu of landlines with low minute usage due to strategic pricing agreements reducing overall costs. If you feel this is applicable to your request, place a ticket and ask to learn more.

  • Building Maintenance

    Your go to for problems or requests for additional services regarding buildings we manage and their maintenance: 2610 Channing, Sproul Hall, Career Center, CKC, 2515 Channing.

  • Ergonomic Assessment

    Use this page to request mandatory new employee ergonomic assessments, updated assessments when staff has moved workstations, or to request immediate assistance due to a workplace ergonomic injury. Page provides links to additional resources including workstation and proper mouse set up and use.